The Gospel Project for Kids
The Gospel Project for Kids

The Gospel Project for Kids...Coming this fall!

Homeschooling Seminar
Homeschooling Seminar

Vine and Branches Home Educators Are you new to homeschooling? Do you know others who are interested in homeschooling their children? Do you have questions about homeschooling at the high school level? Or Maybe you just have the January Blahs! The VBHE board has planned an event for National School Choice Week. Please tell any of your friends that are contemplating educating their children at home. The board will answer questions and hopefully alleviate any fears and encourage families that YES, they CAN keep their children at home! Here is the information and an attached flyer for you to print and distribute to family and friends.

North American Church Planting Foundation
North American Church Planting Foundation

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We live in amazing times.  I am sure people of every generation have believed that, but we truly are in a time and culture that meets the standard for the word amazing.  What is amazing is how upside down everything is.  In a time when people that are out of work and/or have stopped ...

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Pastor Tom's Recommended Reading

Don't Waste Your Life 
Author: John Piper

This book inspires me to live to make much of Christ with my life and not much of myself.  A worthy goal for every follower of Jesus.  I don't think you can read this and not be inspired to live for the Glory of God in all of life!

john piper

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