Weekend Music - July 22, 2012

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Set list

  1. You Never Let Go - Matt Redman
  2. 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) - Matt Redman
  3. Come Thou Fount - Robert Robinson
  4. We Run To You - Dustin Raley
  5. How Deep The Father's Love For Us - Stuart Townend

Heart Preparation

Coming to God

I have been thinking a lot lately about coming to God in our time of congregational worship. What I mean by that is coming to God like a small child running and jumping into the arms of his or her father. Our time of congregational worship can be that same childlike action for us. Maybe we're excited and run to our Father laughing and shouting. Maybe we're frightened and run to our Father for protection. Or maybe we're sad and run to our Father with tear-filled eyes.

I think of the story of Jesus, when the little children were coming to him in Mark 10. Jesus tells the surrounding adults, "Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it." This could mean different things, but I am imagining this childlike dependence upon a loving Father with always open arms.

Something I have noticed (and am also guilty of) is people feel the need to put on a church face. People honestly feel that in order to attend church, sing to God, and hear the Word, they've got to have everything together before coming through the doors. This is a terrible lie. We've never had it together. It's ok be in church and be falling apart. At a youth event this past week, I shared during worship that it's ok to be here and not be happy. The point is you don't have to have everything together to come to GodPsalm 139 talks about how God made you and knows the depths of your heart better than you do!

So Sunday morning, if you are struggling, you can't fool God. Instead of trying to make yourself presentable before Him, run to Him in childlike desperation. Here's the Good News, Jesus makes you presentable to God. Jesus took your sin and your shame and nailed them to the cross. You can be a wreck because Jesus wasn't. He is our hope, so let's always run to Him.


Dustin Raley / Worship Minister




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