Songs for April 17th 2016

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As we continue with our series on the Book of John, here are the songs to be played on Sunday April 17th 2016


Glorious Christ

It is our desire to always proclaim Jesus as God, as one with the Father, as the Creator, as glorious God, He is the greatest of all delights, His power unequal and His love beyond all heights.



Before the Throne

Beautiful hymn that exalts our assurance in the hands of God, Christ, our great High Priest, He pleads for us. He is the one who paid for all our sin.


Great is Thy Faithfulness

As a congregation of saints, gathered together to exalt the name of Christ we have the opportunity to praise the faithfulness of God, we invite you to think of ways that God has demonstrated His faithfulness to you, your family and life, and let us come together and sing His Faithfulness with those in mind.


You are My Vision

Introducing a modernized version of Be Thou My Vision. Nothing else satisfies, only You Lord, He our Great Vision, Our Best Though at all times, Our great Wisdom, Our Great Father, Our Battle Shield, with Christ being all of these, nothing else we desire but HIM.



Your Grace Finds me

After the sermon, we respond to declare that the Grace of God, an undeserving gift of God, found us while we were sinners.



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