Songs for April 10 2016

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john 10:30-42 In this passage the Jews were going to stone Jesus because he claimed to be God. Jesus points to the works that he has done as evidence for being with the Father. If they don’t believe what he is saying at least acknowledge the acts that he has done. These acts include various miracles of healings with the blind, crippled, and other diseases.

 Because we are living in a post-resurrection time period, we have greater evidence of him being God which is the evidence of Jesus rising from the dead. If he has not been raised than we are still in our sins, but in fact Christ has been raised so the songs we sing this Sunday reflect how Christ has power to heal and be raised from the dead and what this means for us as believers.


Victory in Jesus – Eugene Monroe Bartlett as sung by Shane & Shane


Our personal Testimony Proclaims Jesus as God


Creation Speaks in proclaiming Jesus' Lordship



Jesus' ability to pronounce us forgiven is evidence of him being the one able to forgive



His sacrifice on the Cross proclaims him as the perfect sacrifice of atonement for sins



His power to rise from the dead is the greatest evidence of Jesus being God


Come join us this Sunday as we sing about the glory of who Jesus is and how we desire His glory to be known throughout Myrtle Beach, the United States, and the remotest parts of the earth.



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