Sponsor a Pastor

At Cornerstone we are excited to go out and be salt and light to the nations.

Our very next missions project in Costa Rica involves a 3-day seminar pastors from rural areas, specially those unable to receive formal theological education.

Our goal is to sponsor at least 50 pastors to provide them with training, resources and connections for them to empower their ministry.


See more information here!

Help us bring this pastors together by sponsoring a pastor!


Your contribution of $100 sponsors one pastor and will pay for the 3 days of the seminar (accommodations, food), resources, materials, etc.


With your contribution you will receive an email with the picture and basic information of the pastor (s) you are sponsoring through your contribution. Help us pray for your pastor as they attend the seminar!


 Please fill out the following form and make your payment after clicking the link on the bottom


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