What's Up with Life Groups?

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Many of you have recently inquired about the current status of our Life Group ministry. This very important component of our church is still very much a part of the fabric of who we are. However, we are going to continue to delay the relaunching our Life Groups for several reasons.

1. “How People Change” Curriculum - At the beginning of the summer we launched a men’s group which has essentially functioned as a gender specific Life Group. This Men’s Group committed itself to working their way through what has proven to be a remarkable and life changing study. We were able to develop stronger, deeper, and more meaningful relationships as a result. In light of the curriculum being a huge success and proving to be highly profitable, we wanted the ladies of our church to have the same opportunity as the men to sit under the great teaching of this curriculum. In addition to the profitability of the material, this curriculum sets forth our desire for the DNA of future Life Groups. So beginning on September 20th, the ladies will be meeting every Thursday night in order to do “Life Together”. We look forward to what God will do during this time and will risk suspending Life Groups for this important study. We want to encourage all the ladies to be committed and get involved. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

2. Burn Out - Since we have the Ladies Group currently meeting, we felt like we did not need to add anything else to the schedule. Many of you are already serving sacrificially on Sunday mornings and combined with the Ladies Group we did not want to add Life Groups to a growing list of demands upon you and your family’s schedule.

3. Child Care - Currently we almost have a 1:1 ratio of children to adults in our church which we consider a huge blessing. However, with that comes a great deal of logistical challenges. As we have more and more people assimilate into the church and serve in our children’s ministry, we will then be able to move forward with Life Groups and be able to tackle some of our current logistical challenges.

What is the Plan for the Fall in lieu of Life Groups? The one thing that we as a staff want to make sure is happening in the life of our church is that we are developing meaningful relationships. We want you to develop relationships with one another that are deep, caring, lasting, and Christ honoring. Therefore we've scheduled several opportunities for you to develop relationships with one another in the hopes that you will begin "doing life together." Casual fellowship is great, but its up to you to make friendships meaningful. We want you to put these events on your calendar and be committed to pursuing Christ centered, meaningful relationships with others. The following is a list of upcoming events.

1. Fall Picnic - September 23, 2012 - 4-7pm - Market Common
2. Pumpkin Carving and BBQ - October 21, 2012 - 4-7 - Conway River Park
3. Founders Day Event - Service Opportunity to Carolina Forest Elementary - November 10, 2012 - Time TBD - Carolina Forest Elementary
4. Annual Thanksgiving Dinner - November 18, 2012 - 5:30-8:00 - Cornerstone Church Building

Final Encouragement
With all that has already been said, we want to encourage you to take the initiative and be very intentional on your own to allow your lives to overlap with others. Here are some suggestions:

1. Phone calls - Call and check on one another. See how you can pray for someone else. Be in each others lives.
2. Practice hospitality - Have a family you don’t know over for dinner.
3. Go to Lunch - Take the opportunity to go to lunch with others after church.
4. Play dates - If you are a stay at home mom, find others that you can have a play date with.
5. Emails, letters - Hand write or send an email to someone who may come across your mind. It is always good to hear from someone.

We love you guys! God is doing a great work in the life of our church. May we continue striving together in love and unity for the advancement of God’s kingdom here on earth.



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