What We Mean By Expository Preaching

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If you come visit us at Cornerstone Church Myrtle Beach, you are likely to notice immediately that we take the Bible very seriously.

We admit that we could certainly tell more stories or amuse you with never-ending antidotes that leave you feeling merry. Or we could motivate you to live a better life, be more disciplined, or how to be a better parent. But that is not the bulk of what you will hear at CCMB. Rather we are committed to expository preaching. Expository preaching is simply preaching in a way that allows for the main point of the text to be the main point of the sermon.

J. Ligon Duncan III says this about expository preaching,

"One of the encouraging signs found among many young Christians today is a renewed appetite for expository preaching. By expository preaching I don't mean one particular style or method of preaching, but a self-conscious, principled commitment to preaching in such a way that Scripture itself is supplying the main theme, principle headings, and central application in our proclamation. Young people are looking for churches where the Bible is preached. The kind of preaching that has been advocated by those who viewed the seeker movement as the cutting edge of kingdom advancement--Scripture-anemic, superficially practical, therapeutic, man-centered, God-at-your-service, consumer-driven fireside chats--is death on the ears of legions of Bible-believing Christians today. They want the real stuff--no-holds-barred, high-octane, meaty exposition of God's inspired word--applied until it hurts."

CCMB seeks to be a Myrtle Beach church that strives to teach the Scriptures in a way that both honors the author's original intent AND is understandable to the audience. We recognize that the Bible is a collection of ancient writings written in a different world, in a different language, to various different groups of people. Therefore we well strive to explain all that is necessary to understand the truth contained and how it applies to our lives.

So if you are hungry for the Word of God rather than man's antidotes, we'd love to see you this Sunday.

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