What does a Sewing Club have to do with living on Mission?

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We've heard alot recently at CCMB about how the gospel drives everything. It drives us to community with one another and it drives us towards mission. So what does it look like to live a life on mission? I think we can learn alot by looking at the Savior who was on the ultimate mission. Just look at how he came to rescue us. The birth of Christ is known as the Incarnation... Literally, God came to be with us on earth. Think about that. He didn't put on some dramatic show in the heavens to declare his saving plan. No. He humbled himself, and took on flesh in order to rescue us. 

The incarnation actually informs our mission as a church. From time to time we will put on events in the community. These events serve a great purpose in loving the community and providing a context outside of a Sunday morning to invite people to, but this is not the primary way we live on Mission. As we follow the Savior, what if we lived in the same way as he did? What if we went to those who don't know Christ, instead of asking them to come to us? What could this look like?

Maybe as a church this means we don't just add more and more programs and events within the church walls, but instead, we live with gospel intentionality in our world. This may look a little different for everyone, and that's what's so powerful about it. Think about all of the diverse interests and hobbies that you and your family may have. Maybe you are a musical family, or a movie family, or maybe sports drives your down time, or golf, or fishing, or surfing, or whatever. The key is to identify these interests and then see how God could use them to connect with other people you live around. Sharing the gospel with someone will often take place in an existing relationship. So, what if our goal was to develop and seek out relationships for the sake of being able to point people to the Savior? 

Think about this. You join a sewing club with the purpose of getting to know other ladies from the community with this gospel intentional mindset. Or you join some other affinity group with this in mind. Maybe it's running, or watching your favorite football team, or a support group, or a rotary club. God has created each of us with such diverse personalities, likes, interests, and abilities. I think we'll be surprised to realize how many different people in the area we can connect with simply by living with this type of intentional mindset. 

Living with gospel intentionality can take place on your own, can include your family and friends, or even could be something you pursue together with your CLG. The point is, start evaluating your life, and identifying the areas where you can develop these types of relationships. 

There are numerous ways to be on mission. I hope that we would all prayerfully seek out what God may have for each of us. Then, go sew or hit golfballs, or catch fish...and do it for the glory of God!


David McGhee Sep 11, 2011 4:41pm


I have a friend of attending Seminary in NC. He passed along a great quote to me this week "Missionaries are not people who cross the sea, Missionaries are people who see the Cross" This has been on my mind all week. I have so many opportunties everyday to share my story and how my life has change for the better.

Jonathan Castro Sep 11, 2011 9:30pm

Thanks for sharing Dave. Great quote!


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