The gift of the Church!

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I am continually amazed at the goodness of God to His people.  He is good to all in allowing everyone to taste of the common graces of life.  But to His children He is particularly gracious and loving.  There are many examples of this but the one that comes to mind today, is the gift of His Church.  The fellowship of believers that has the privilege to gather and together praise His name as He is worshiped through song, prayer, giving and the proclaiming of His Word.  

Then there is the fellowship that happens between the people of God outside the walls of the  local church and that too is sweet and glorious.  As the people of God live life together and encourage one another to delight themselves in the Lord in the midst of a world that is hostile to Christ.  The support and encouragement from the family of God is precious and so critical to all who are His.
Let us not forsake the assembling together as some are in the habit of doing, we are told in the book of Hebrews, and there is no better advice for all of us to hear.  I thank God for His Church, I thank God for the local church He has allowed us the privilege to be a part of.  I pray your love for His Church will continue to grow as your love for the great Shepherd of the church grows.  And as that happens in your life you will find yourself more and more asking others to come and visit your Church.  It is the best thing going this side of Glory!
For His Glory,
Pastor Tom

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