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The Supreme Court this week decided 5 to 4 that people who are given over to the homosexual lifestyle have the legal right to marry in every state.  While there are many things that could be discussed , such as the abhorrent view of the Constitution this decision displays, or the reality as given by Gods Word as to what two homosexuals wanting to legally be recognized truly is, and it is not marriage.  Marriage is the union of a man and a woman as defined in Gods Word from the first book in  Genesis and backed up by the very words of Jesus in the Gospels, particularly in Matthew 19 where the whole family unit is mentioned and is defined as a Father, a Mother and children.  Male and Female defined by Jesus as the family unit.    We could discuss the reality of homosexuality being another sin that is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ on that cross at Calvary.
While these and more are worthy topics, what I want to discuss is the church and how it needs to react and  prepare for the future in light of this decision.  Our reaction as His Church on the one hand should be to not react.  Go on doing what the Church is supposed to do, which is glorify God whether we  eat or drink or whatever we do.  As the body of Christ, if we are a healthy  body it should be life as usual.  Living for His Glory, showing Him to be great, and we to be totally dependent on His greatness for all we are and all we do!  A healthy Church will continue to gather together to proclaim His glory and worship the name that is above every other name, Jesus.  So in one very real sense our reaction is life in community together as usual, living for His glory, gathering to worship, and going to the lost world with the great gospel He has given us!
On the other hand we need to prepare as this decision will fast forward the reality that is life as an ever increasingly persecuted church.  The pressure will be coming for  pastors and churches to allow and perform homosexual weddings in their churches.  The biblical definition of homosexuality will be deemed hate speech with the penalties to follow, which in my opinion will begin with tax exemption being threatened and ultimately freedom being at risk.  Pastors will go first but eventually unless the Lord intervenes all believers who hold to Gods Word will be affected.  Preperation will be essential from the practical statements in by-laws to protect churches in the future, to the personal sanctification that creates great courage to stand for Him!
I believe these are great exciting times to live in where the lines are going to be clear and the opportunities  to stand and be a witness for Christ will be plentiful.  Jesus told us clearly to follow him would entail a cost and that we should count that before we follow.  For centuries the West has not had to endure much of a cost, but the Supreme Court’s ruling has altered that reality.  The landscape is changing and what God’s people need to remember is it can only change if He decides to change it.  There is no ruling anywhere that is not brought by Him.  He decides and every decision has the same purpose; His Glory and the joy of His people found ultimately in Him.  
This weeks decision from the Supreme Court is no different.  Therefore let us continue to live for His glory whether we eat or drink or whatsoever we do!
For His Glory,
Pastor Tom

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dee h Jul 4, 2015 1:16pm

ive got the full armor of God on to stand up for the truth so yes iam ready.amen !!!


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