So should we be killing abortion providers?

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The recent shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility is the eleventh in our nation since 1993.  These tragic event always bring up emotions that many time are in conflict.  On the one hand it does not take much to understand how it is that someone could walk themselves down the road to justifying the taking of the life of an abortion provider, or to use the correct term, a murderer of infants.  If we changed geography and the situation was that in a building somewhere  people were  murdering babies  laying on tables,  we would do everything we could to stop these murders.  It would be defending the defenseless and it would be right and biblical.  With that understanding you see how someone could justify in their minds killing someone who was doing the very same thing only in a white coat, a sterile environment with a bunch of letter after his or her name.  
So how should we who love and follow Jesus think about these things and engage our neighbors and co-workers in conversations?  First we must submit to the Word of God that would tell us we are not to murder anyone.  Now some are thinking if someone broke into my house and was seeking to harm my family I absolutely would do whatever it takes to defend and protect them.  Again that is a different circumstance and yes we are called to protect our families and if in the heat of the moment life is lost then we live with that reality but we were not the ones invading someone’s home or seeking to harm their family.  
That is quite different from planning premeditated murder, which is not the actions of a follower of Christ.  God almighty is the one who gives and takes life, not us.
What is right and true is the passion, disgust and revulsion that abortion illicit in us should fuel us to fight this battle unflinchingly and for the long haul.  The way to do that is find a local pregnancy center and get involved. It is proven that abortions are on the decline due to the impact of pregnancy centers.  God is using them as the means of our time to stem the tide of babies being murdered. 
There are other ways to fight this battle, such as encouraging those in your church to get involved.  Get educated on all that is happening and educate others in your local fellowship.  The time have never been more ripe for people to get in the battle who heretofore have not.  The videos that have surfaced where officials of Planned Parenthood are looking to sell baby parts are waking a new generation to the horrors of abortion.  That, along with the stunning technology that allows us to see the miracle and beauty of Gods handiwork in the womb like never before, gives us a strategic advantage  that we have never had.
Should we go our and murder all who are performing abortions?  Of course not, it is sin, is dishonors God and practically speaking it is not even effective.  All it does is garner sympathy for an organization that should not be seen sympathetically.  What we should do and ought to do and I believe are mandated to do is everything in our power to fight against this atrocity.  From prayer to volunteering, from giving to educating, whatever it takes we should be doing, as this is one of the two major issues of our time.  And the history of the true church, the followers of Jesus Christ is that it has always been we who follow Him, who have stood and fought against wickedness such as abortion.
So let us take our place in history and be the ambassadors He has called and equipped us to be.
For His Glory,
Pastor Tom
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Trash Talker Dec 3, 2015 4:34pm

Like you mentioned, this is the 11th shooting we have had at abortion clinics in the last 20 years. The frustrating thing about this is every single shooter claimed to be a "Christian" and was doing what "God wanted them to do". Every time one of these right wing, nut job, religious extremists does this, true Christ followers lose more and more credibility with this nation. This is very similar to the zeal that Islamic extremists possess when they are carrying out their acts of terror in the name of God.

diane Dec 19, 2015 12:57pm

awesome blog as so true.recently shared w/unbeliever that if someone killed another what is it called? she said "well thats murder" so then asked why is it different regarding abortions.her comment was one of what many clam as its a womans choice as thats totally different.we need to continue the fight for His creation and what His word says.


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