Rescue Mission: New Sermon Series

Posted by Scott Moody on

Rescue MissionHere at Cornerstone we love teaching through the Bible. We feel like it only makes sense to teach through the Bible since it is God's Word. Usually we accomplish this by teaching through entire books of the Bible verse by verse (also called expository preaching). At times, we do change it up in order to survey larger portions of scripture.

Tomorrow, we will launch a new series called "Rescue Mission". This sermon series is something we're really excited about.  We will be working through the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) by taking glimpses at several different parables and narratives of Jesus.

As we do this, we hope to give pictures of how the Gospel impacts our everyday lives. We desire to provide a framework for understanding and experiencing what it means to know and love God.  Our goal is not to simply gain more "knowledge" about God, but to allow a deeper understanding of who God is impact how we worship Him and live day to day. So, we invite you to join us and prayerfully seek out what God wants to do in your life over these next several weeks. 



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