Orphan Sunday and Beyond...

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November 4th marks the first time that Cornerstone will participate in the internationally recognized "Orphan Sunday". (www.orphansunday.org)  You may be wondering why exactly we are doing this. As we continue to grow and mature into a healthy church that seeks to glorify God by treasuring his Gospel and loving our neighbor, it only makes sense that we would actively build Orphan Care into our DNA. 

James tells us in chapter 1 verse 27 that visiting orphans and widows in their affliction is what "true religion" looks like. We beleive this response is an outward expression of the inward reality of a life that has been changed by the Gospel. If we have been adopted into God's family...then we should have a heart for adoption. If we have been transfered out of darkness into light, then we should desire to see children in the darkest most oppressive circumstances experience the same thing. The need is clear. There are millions of orphans worldwide. The command is clear. We, the church, are to care for orphans. What will our response be at CCMB? 

Looking forward to what God does through the lives of those seeking after Him and pursuing "true religion"!


Sally Croft Oct 8, 2013 11:09pm

I am coming to MB for the month of November. Just checking out websites for churches in the area to see where I might worship.

So excited, to see on the 4th of November your church will be participating in Orphan Sunday. As a mom of 5 children: 2 birth and 3 adopted, and assisting a friend who adopted from China, I am thrilled to see adoption to be promoted from the pulpit and will be praying that many families hearts will be open to orphans.
I will definitely be attending your church.
May the Lord bless your endeavours as you and your church serve Him.


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