Let our silence be heard!

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In light of the recent events in our nation, I believe it is incumbent upon the followers of Christ to be heard. As people weigh in from every side of the issue, some advocating the position of how blacks are targeted by the police unfairly, others who advocate for those who serve as police officers and the incredibly tough job they have. I believe those who are Christ’s should be heard by their call for Gods mercy on people. As we see life in this fallen world play out before our eyes in horrific ways, the need is for the mercy of God on all. 

We do ourselves and the cause of Christ no justice by getting into arguments of who is right and wrong in each situation. Without a doubt there have been wrong killings of citizens who are black by the police and without a doubt the police have a hard job and the majority are men and women of integrity. WhatI find to be true is that people who argue over these things tend not to have all the facts and are only entrenched in their positions. For some there are very good reasons for that, but for the followers of Christ we should see a larger reality, which is life in this fallen world and the need for Christ. 

So I would encourage my brothers and sisters in the Lord on the recent issues and events to avoid the argument from either side and point each to the Cross of Christ where all is forgiven and the crooked roads of life are made straight!

For His Glory

Pastor Tom

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diane Jul 13, 2016 7:19am

amen...it all points to the grace & mercy of Christ and seeking the cross as looking anywhere else is useless.may we as christians show His love,mercy & grace and may we be a beacon on a hill that shines bright..


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