Jesus and Racism

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I have waited a bit before reacting to the atrocity that is the Oklahoma University chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and some of its members chanting racist remarks that include the celebration of lynching.  Racism is alive and well and if anyone doubted it all they need to do is go on the web and watch the video of the chants as they were happening.  It is remarkable and sad to see in 2015 these things still happening, and lest anyone want to write this off as some ignorant red neck activity, understand that these students came from well to do privileged backgrounds. 

The question becomes what should the response of the people of God be?  And the answer is always to be on the side of fighting racism in all of its forms.  To believe that someone is less than because of certain pigmentation of their skin is about as sinful as one could be in their thinking.  It is a blight on the image of God that is in every person to hold to some being better than others.  I have heard some over the years want to chalk it up to culture as a way of giving cover to those who would want to profess Christ as Savior and hold to some racist positions but the two are impossible to reconcile.  To be sure Jesus was not racist as evidenced by His treatment of the Samaritan population.  The Samaritans were looked down upon by the Jews in Jesus day.  They were seen as less than and treated that way, but Jesus went out of His way to treat them with equality and dignity, something no Jew of that day would do.

He is our example and I pray that in our conversations and actions we would treat all people with the respect they deserve if for no other reason, than having been created in the image of God.  Our faith demands nothing less, and our Savior showed us the way!


For His Glory,

Pastor Tom

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diane Mar 16, 2015 6:55pm

how true . to say we are christians and to be prejudice no matter what color of skin is said it all in your statement "being created in the image of GOD". AMEN !!!


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