ISIS Kills Believers Rejoice!

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We have all by now heard of the killing of 21 Coptic Christians by Isis.  And plenty has been written about the event and how we should look at it from a biblical worldview.  But it has come out in recent days by people who know the language and watched the video that these believers were whispering and mouthing Lord Jesus as they were about to be martyred.  We know from Scripture that being called to martyrdom is a unique gift from the Lord.  And we know for all believers to live In Christ and to die is gain, so it is right to say according to Gods Word these 21 were of all men most blessed on that, though to the undiscerning eye it would not appear so. 

We should all pray for the loved ones left behind as they are the true victims who suffer the longest.  While I am tempted to go into a long discussion of one of the great differences of true Christianity is seen in that we are called to pray for and bless our enemies not behead them, I will not as you can find that in many solid places like the Gospel Coalition and others.  But I do think it is important we see things with the worldview of Scripture that tells us these 21 are with the Lord and rejoicing, to God be the glory as when the worst thing you can do to us is send us to Jesus we are immune to your threats!


For His Glory,

Pastor Tom

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