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On behalf of my wife Cheryl it is my pleasure to say hello as your new pastor. I am thrilled humbled and very excited at what God has done in Cornerstone the past five years and am looking forward to being allowed the privilege to be a part of what He is going to do in the coming years.  I know, that all of you  are very aware of the debt of gratitude owed the Lord for the faithful service of Pastor Russ and his wife Miranda since the planting of this church.  I would ask that we as a church continue to pray for them in this time of transition.  
It is not easy leaving our church where I have served as Senior Pastor for the last twenty ones years, but I hope that says a few things to you our new church.  First we are truly convinced this is Gods will as seen in many ways over the last six months and verified by your vote. This decision was not come to lightly or without significant prayer. Second I hope you see our philosophy as one of long term ministry. I do not believe in ministry as a career where you look to advance on the backs and souls of Gods people.  I believe that to be truly effective is to stay somewhere and not be looking to leave if a better situation arises.  I was at my last church for twenty one years and believe that by Gods grace I can serve another twenty one here. I want you all to know that I am convinced that great days are ahead of us.  We are a church of young vibrant believers who have great theology and a desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And as that happens, and our affections for the Lord grow, it will become infectious to others and they will want to know more about this God we serve , the church we go to, this life we lead, and that becomes a very sweet thing to behold and be a part of.
Finally let me share what this transition looks like for us.  I will be coming to the church the first week of January, arriving some time around January eighth or ninth.  The eleventh will be my first Sunday with you .  Cheryl is going to be staying back in Massachusetts with my father, who lives with us, until our house sells, as we cannot afford to pay for two houses.  Which brings me to thank God that my mother-in-law lives in Longs about thirty minutes from the church.  I will be looking to preach three Sundays in a row and then go back to Massachusetts for a few days and then return to South Carolina, with that being the schedule I intend to maintain. I tell you all of this primarily so that you will keep us in prayer during the transition. Please pray that we be content and patient as we wait on the Lord for the sale of our house. As I write this I found out yesterday that our Title 5 inspection failed so we are going to need to have a new septic system put in as well. Not the end of the world, just less money for us, but more opportunity to glorify the Lord and to make sure our joy is in Him and not the things of this world.
Any way I should wrap this first blog up, but I do intend to blog regularly so I pray that you will begin to check in to this site and invite your friends to do the same.  I cannot wait to be with you all on the eleventh.  Cheryl sends her love.
For His Glory,
Pastor Tom

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Eric Stearns Dec 19, 2014 6:46pm

We all are looking forward to your arrival as well. Godspeed and safety!

David McGhee Dec 19, 2014 10:31pm

Do you need anything when you arrive? Looking forward to y'all coming south.

diane h Dec 28, 2014 8:25am

Cornerstone is truly blessed to have pastor tom preach as we have been so blessed in the many years we have been at holland..we will miss him & cheryl so much BUT CHRIST has called and we must always follow HIS path,proverbs ch 3 v5&6. GOD bless you all

Stephen Aberle Oct 2, 2018 3:39pm

Hello Mr Crouse,

I used to attend Holland Congregational Church with you until 2004.
I regret not saying in Church faithfully. You are a great Pastor and am very grateful for all your time and hard work. I believe God has and will continue to bless your ministry. I believe that you are not afraid to preach all of God's word regardless of the present system we live in. I am currently seeking a new Church to attend and need to speak with a good pastor. I have just recently been given temporary custody of my daughter Lilyanne Grace Aberle. Lily is 6 years old and has just left Eastford Rd School of Southbridge Massachusetts. Lily was in her 2nd week of first grade. I transferred her records to Burgess Elementry and given an aptitude test. They want her to repeat kindergarten. After reviewing the test I found that the format was just different from the work given at Eastford Rd. There many ways to show how 4+4 =8. I saved all her homework from Eastford Rd School. The principal has agreed to go over the work and see If there is any real significant gap. I feel as though I am being pressured before I can get any good counsel from a fellow believer in Christ. I help my daughter with her and know she is a very bright young girl. I teach my daughter Biblical Truth to the best of my ability and what I believe is appropriate for her age. If we do not come to a reasonable solution I have expressed that I may home school my daughter in both Biblical Theology and what the state requires. I know this is alot of information and we have not spoken in years, However I trust you and believe that if I reach out to the right people I might find some support and some raport in the best direction for my daughter. Lilyanne is my Joy and I will do what ever it takes for her to know her God and what he requires.

Stephen Aberle Oct 2, 2018 3:41pm

Kind Regards and may God Bless and Keep You, your family and your new ministry.


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