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This is a great time of year to invite people to church.  It is the time when we and the world are reminded that Jesus Christ rose from the dead!  He did not stay in the grave as every other person ever has.  You look at the greatest most powerful leaders in the history of mankind and one thing is consistent with all and that is certain death and a real grave!  We are not left to wonder about is Jesus the way or not, His resurrection solidifies everything He ever said or promised.  So Itis a great time to be inviting people to church.


With that I am pleased to announce we are going to two services beginning March 27!  Yes that is Easter morning, Resurrection Sunday, however you describe it, the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ is also the day we add another service.  We praise and thank God that He has added to our number to the point of our needing to add a service.  Here are some great consequences of this news;


  1. For those of you who serve in ministries during the service you now are able to have a service to worship in. It has always bothered me that those serving do so at the expense of worship, so now you are able to serve and worship.


  1. With another service we have room for people to grow, so keep inviting your friends and family!


This truly is an exciting time to be at Cornerstone.  We praise Jesus for what He is doing in our midst and ask you to continue to pray for and with us.  Also be praying how the Lord would have you serve His Church In this time of transition.  To God be the glory for the great things He has done , is doing and will do!


For His Glory,

Pastor Tom


bill Mar 4, 2016 9:57pm

TOTALLY EXCITING! Praise the Lord! Thanks Pastor Tom for your amazing heart. Wow! Wow! ..............and WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!


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