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We live in amazing times.  I am sure people of every generation have believed that, but we truly are in a time and culture that meets the standard for the word amazing.  What is amazing is how upside down everything is.  In a time when people that are out of work and/or have stopped looking for work is at an all time high, the spin from the current administration is that unemployment is heading to record lows.  The definition of marriage has been degraded and turned on its head, to the point where the Supreme Court of the land will be making a ruling on the subject.  I could go on and on but you get the point, we live in amazing times, and amazing does not mean good or God honoring.  
But what is maybe most indicative and illustrative of this is the national coverage, outrage and debate over, wait for it…..deflated footballs!  It is the headlines story on major websites, reputable newspapers and the lead or close to lead story on the news stations, both cable and network.  The fact that someone on the New England Patriots deflated the footballs to where they were under the required standard at last weeks playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.  This is the news that is carrying the day and repeated news cycles.  
We could look at the fact that the Patriots beat the Colts so easily it would not have mattered if they used nerf footballs, but that is not the point.  We could talk about cheating and unfair advantages, but that is not the point.  The point to talk about and think about is what does it say about the times we live in when this is the story carrying the day?  What it means is we live in a time and culture that is entertainment driven, a dumbed down society where books are rarely read, serious discussions rarely had, and the things of God and eternity not known enough to be ignored.  
Even in the church culture of today we see what the Apostle Paul told Timothy, that the time will come when people will not want sound doctrine but will run to places to have their ears tickled.  But there is an opportunity for the true church, the true people of God in times like these.  As what is also true of these days is that people will continue to find that their pursuits and interests, as shallow as they are, will leave them empty and wanting something more.  And that is where the people of God come in with the Gospel of Christ for the glory of God.  A life that can be lived with depth and meaning that has value not only here and now but in eternity.  So take heart believers, in a culture where deflated footballs are the most important topic of the day, sharing and showing Jesus Christ to be great will stand out like the bright light He is.  And we know that the promise of God is if Christ be lifted up then He will draw men and women to Himself.  So lift up Christ, and He will not be hard for the culture to see, as all they are looking at are deflated footballs!
For His Glory,
Pastor Tom

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diane Jan 29, 2015 7:41pm

brandon loved your blog on deflated footballs esp nerf part as laughed so loud as he spent sunday w/us & went to church again w/us & loved it & jeffs preaching on jonah.he feels so loved by jeff & bruce & you..he wants to keep coming w/us amen !!! its helping him in alot of ways.

camden Feb 1, 2015 9:04am

yeah all crazy w/news.liked comment about nerf footballs etc.take care heading to church w/gram & gramps & brandon


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