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The Supreme Court this week decided 5 to 4 that people who are given over to the homosexual lifestyle have the legal right to marry in every state.  While there are many things that could be discussed , such as the abhorrent view of the Constitution this decision displays, or the reality as...

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Rob Bell, very wrong while being right!


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It has been predictable and sad to watch Rob Bells outing as one who embraces heresy in the name of cultural relevance and acceptance.  What has been even more disheartening is those who claim Christ as Savior who for years defended Bell.  Well the time for that has passed and even the...

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Got Change for A Dozen? The Lie of Botanic Prostitution


Posted by Nathan Moore on

As both a sports fan and a professional marketer, the Super Bowl has a double appeal for me. On display are some of the world’s greatest athletes as well as some of the world’s brightest marketers. Put Your Money Where Your Message IsOn January 3, the USA Today reported that the...

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