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More Proof of the Resurrection of Christ!


Posted by Tom Crouse on

As I wrote in the last blog there is an overwhelming amount of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Some of the most powerful come from the fact that those men who were with Jesus chose to die horrific deaths as martyrs when all they would have to do is say that Jesus did not...

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Heaven Can Wait


Posted by Tom Crouse on

The news has come out that Alex Malarkey has recanted the story that was told in the book titled The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, a book that has been out since last year that details the story of the then 6 year old Alex who was in a horrific car crash that put him in a two month coma. ...

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Drama of the Bible: Our Place in the Story


Posted by Nathan Moore on

A Strange Book and the Modern Mind  If you have ever found portions of the Scriptures to be strange, boring, or confusing, you are not alone. The Bible is a remarkably unique book. Evangelicals believe that God has miraculously revealed himself through a collection of writings. Written by...

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