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If you wonder about the wrath of God being revealed and poured out on a people or a nation, you would have to look at our country as a prime candidate.  While the White House being lit up in rainbow colors is a sobering statement on the state of the nation, it is nothing compared to the reality that we, our government gives over five hundred million dollars to Planned Parenthood.  I would ask that you invest eight minutes of your time to watch the following undercover video.  There is nothing gross or shocking as far as images, but the discussion is as shocking as anything you will ever hear.  Pray for those involved and all of us that would repent!

For His Glory,
Pastor Tom

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diane Jul 24, 2015 7:33pm

i saw & heard this earlier in the week week and its sooo disgusting.this country is so immoral including the president and top officials.we live in a country w/ no morals or sanctity for life.Gods wrath will be done but until then all we can do is pray and share gospel and sow seeds..this is what happens when God is taken out of everything and its sad that some of our money supports abortion.there is a nationwide event going on for walks all over the USA re this disgusting discussion.


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